About me

I am a M.Phil. student working on applied cryptography, in particular, privacy-preserving machine learning and cryptocurrencies/blockchains, under the supervision of Prof. Sherman S.M. Chow. I’m also a resident tutor at CUHK’s Shaw College.


Work experience


Scholarships & Awards


Programming Skills

  • Programming Languages
    • Python (Fluent)
    • C/C++ (Fluent)
    • Javascript, C#, Java, Go, R, Prolong, PHP, …
  • Familiar Frameworks/Libraries
    • Pytorch (Deep Neural Network & High-Performance Computation)
    • Microsoft SEAL (Homomorphic Encryption)
    • Intel SGX (Trusted Execution Enviroment)
    • Intel TBB (Multicore Programming)
    • CUDA (GPU Programming)
    • Magma (High-performance Scientific Computation)
    • gRPC (Remote Procedure Calls)
    • ZeroMQ (Messaging Kernel)


  • Chinese (Native)
  • English (Fluent)